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April 20, 2010

Talent Exposed {Cake Toppers}

So you remember my oh so adorable cake toppers? I'm sure you do, if you don't, here's an image to remind you!

Well, i convinced my friend Caroline who made these special for us to open up an Etsy Store... and SHE DID! MadeWithLove By CCarolee and not only did I convince her to do a store, I convinced her that my readers deserved a little giveaway (but more on that later!)

For now, I just wanted to highlight Caroline's Etsy Store Made with Love, by CCarolee and turn you to her new blog, Made with Love By CCarolee. Not only is she creating these awesome custom designed cake toppers, she's posting informative DIY projects as well.

So for you fun-loving DIY-ers - this tutorial for Clay Penguins is just for you...

Here are a few fun photos...

She's pretty amazing... and if you don't think you can do this on your own, and you want these for YOUR wedding?!!! Stay tuned.... b/c we've got a surprise for you!!!

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