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April 14, 2010

The Wedding Dance {He Said: Finale}

All the eyes were on us. The spotlight shined down.

We didn't panic (or at least I didn't). This was because the lessons we got from Deborah, from The Wedding Dance Specialists were even better than advertised. Although we may have missed a step here or missed a step there, not a soul noticed.

All our guests were amazed at our first dance, shocked i could even say. "You've raised the bar" some wives said as their husbands gave me that look that said "thanks, i'll never live this down".

If you recall my first blog post about taking dance lessons, I wasn't exactly thrilled about it. But I can now say it was all worth it. I am still amazed at how much Deborah taught us in just a few lessons. Our first dance just set the whole tone for the evening, it was was a perfect beginning to a perfect night.

Now I know there are a lot of guys out there who would say "no way am I taking lessons". Trust me, I was one of those guys. If you ever met me, you would see that in a heartbeat. I resisted it. I dreaded it. I can't express how glad I am that i did it. Just to have confidence when 200 people are staring at you made me imagine what it would be like to have stood up there like we were at an eighth grade dance. That would not have been very cool.

So gentlemen out there, do your future wife and yourself a favor, and take dance lessons with Deborah (or someone with her level of understanding of a groom's mental state and dancing skill level) before your big day. You will not regret it, and if you are anything like me, you may actually enjoy it. We did.

When else will you have total control over your fiance/wife's every move? It's worth it, as you know she will control your every move for the rest of your life, so you better take your opportunity when its there.

Thanks for everything Deborah, you are amazing!

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  1. lovin this post! you two are so cute!

  2. our dance lessons were so much fun! i loved us learning something together...

  3. Larry, What terrific feedback! Thank you for your kind words! As far as "the wife controlling your every move for the rest of your life" -- you are ALWAYS the leader on the dance floor so why not consider a weekly lesson for the rest of your life to let off a little steam eh?! ;)


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