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April 15, 2010

The Wedding Dance {She Said: Finale}

Ok, so you probably read my hubby's post about our first dance...he claims he wasn't in a panic, but i kind of was. Yes, go figure... as you know from my first post... I'm the one who loves to dance and wanted to do something jazzy for our first dance.Go figure, i started rethinking the steps in my head and almost backed out. I said on the shuttle on the way to the venue "we can just jr high sway, i'm ok with it." and he looked at me with shock, and shall i say it, slight disgust (and a bit of a smirk that the tables had turned)... "No WAY! we practiced and we know this, we are definitely doing this dance and we will enjoy it!"

Well, as you can see in the video (non-pro; shot by a friend) below, not only did we enjoy it (we truly did) but our guests did too! We had such a blast and as nerve racking as it was, my focus was on my husband. We missed steps... we definitely did. We didn't quite do the right beat, i couldn't quite find my form (we usually require about 20 minutes of warm up; which with the rain - we didn't have a practice dance prior that we had planned)... but we just smiled. we laughed. we stared into each other's eyes... and it was so romantic.

So, in the moment, i can say i did feel that we may have not done our "routine" that our amazing dance instructor Deborah from The Wedding Dance Specialists taught us to the "T" - but we had fun. And the biggest thing she emphasized in our lessons was learning how to dance together as a team, in unison.  We stepped on each other's toes, we weren't completely in the right step or beat, but we focused on one another and with the confidence she instilled us - once the dance started - my panic disappeared... I knew she showed us how to dance together, how to communicate silently, how to recover without anybody noticing... and most of all, how to cherish the moment we dance together for the first time as husband and wife.

The one thing i did fail miserably at was the Exit. Deborah emphasized how important it was not to run off the dance floor - and although i did not feel i ran off (the video kind of makes it seem so), we did not do the exit - the graceful bows to one another and our audience... and i take full responsibility. Hubby said "our exit!!!!" and i whispered under my breathe "NO!!!" Lol... But the video clearly explains why #1 you need a dance teacher as great as Deborah and #2. How important the exit truly is!

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  1. I thought you did perfectly! Love the photos, and the video is so sweet!

  2. Cute couple. I love that you include a video and photos.

  3. I can so relate!

    I insisted we do a full blown wedding dance with dips and lifts and drops and wanted to chicken out moments before - but my hubby, who I made practice relentlessly, was like..."We've got this!".

    Thankfully it went well and was a big hit with our guests.

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  4. Really useful for girls who like parties, thanks.


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