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May 24, 2010

Ceremony {Decor}

I have to give major props to my florist Allison from Flower Allie who was just simply fantastic. Aside from being a creative genius, she took the few ideas I had and really made them unique and personalized and just drop dead gorgeous. Along with Paola {Just Chic Events}, who worked side by side with me at the floral meetings - these two were really the brains behind all the floral decor at the wedding. I wish I could take credit, but I really can't, b/c I had very little to do with the beautiful scene that Allie created...

so here's a few peaks at the beautiful ceremony setting that was created for the backdrop of our momentous "I Do's"

Here's a shot of the ceremony area - tented of course, before anybody entered...

My beloved "planted" aisle of tulips... I didn't mind the rain, so long as I was able to still have my vision of a "planted aisle" :) Its so gorgeous!

The arch was something we didn't plan, but that Allie envisioned. After visiting the ceremony site before the wedding, Allie called me and said "I know you said you didn't really care for an arch, but i think it'd be fabulous." My response was simply "Allie, you are the expert... i trust you to run with your vision!" She totally nailed it.
Close ups of the base of the arch and the arch itself.... I fell in love with that arch... !!!

The reason the venue is called the Bell Tower. It tolled every 30 minutes. So we used the bells to toll me in at the 4:30 pm mark... :)

One of my favorite photos taken by a friend. She uses the tulips to make an artistic shot of right when the ceremony began... I love this photo!

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  1. The aisle of planted tulips is positively beautiful. Great way to use the outdoor space.


  2. That aisle is gorgeous!!!
    Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!


  3. Lovew the isle of tulips!!! So creative!

  4. That has to be one of the most beautiful, simple aisles I've seen...

  5. OMG!! I love the tulips! That is sooo cute! And the yellow looks fabulous and bright :) The fact that you have a tent is great too, no wedding rain worries :) LOVE IT! BEAUTIFUL!

  6. One of the main things I wanted at the beginning of the wedding planning was an aisle of planted flowers! I got the idea from Allie's web site and loved it. However, at our venue, it was not feasible since we were on tile :( However, i came up with something unique that I loved that eventually Allison pulled off for me. She is truly fabulous, isn't she? :) Btw, that pic is so cool that your friend took!

  7. This decor is GROGEOUS! I love the unique idea of planting the tulips. So beautiful and inventive. You can be sure that your guests will remember the personal touch.

  8. Breathtaking! I love the yellow...WOW, so gorgeous!CONGRATS again girly!

  9. So freaking pretty! Congratulations!


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