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May 27, 2010

Ceremony {The Music}

As I indicated in my last post about the ceremony (click here to read), the processional started with the classic Pachelbel's Canon in D...

Because our due, Reiko Nakano and her accompanist are so awesome, we asked them to play a song specific to what we wanted...

So as the music played...

and at the 36 second mark of the very cool instrumental violin/guitar duo of Freebird by Lynard Skynard, I came out from the building and started my way down the aisle escorted by my brother... slowly...

Although the lyrics of the song goes "If i leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?"... and although the lyrics are not what you would call "wedding-y", the song holds a lot of important to the hubby, since it was his brother's favorite song, and in a way it was our way of honoring and remembering him.  An extra perk was that, it really was SO cool to have the instrumental of this played and my FIL later told me how much he loved the music.

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  1. I had to pull out my headphones for this one (I usually keep my work computer on mute)! It sounds BEAUTIFUL!!! We've been talking about having the same type of thing so I had to hear this. I had no idea what a quartet would sound like when we discussed it, but I LIKE! You look fabulous in that photo too btw!

  2. The original isn't very weddingy, but that arrangement is! VERY pretty :) Good choice.

  3. We were browsing through your blog and we came across this post - we love it! Be sure to check out for a great provider of wedding music!


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