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May 25, 2010

Ceremony {Processional}

And so our beloved wedding finally begins. I've given you most every detail of the events leading up to this, but at 4:20 pm, our bridal party lines up... There was a funny mishap right before... or well, I was made aware of right before the, to which I shall share in a later post. As I mentioned the bell tolls every half hour, so the plan was to start the processional and to have everybody staged so that as the bell told, I would come out and began my walk down the aisle.

We had a wonderful little duo - Reiko Nakano on violin and her accompanist on guitar. Initially, we were going to use a friend - but the pressure on both ends made it easier to hire Reiko. I was turned on to her by Paola (Just Chic Events) who got me listening to Vitamin String Quartet - and both hubby and I fell in love with this idea.

For our bridal processional, we did keep things a little traditional and went with Pachelbel's Canon in D. I absolutely love this - so doing this was more b/c of desire vs. keeping tradition.

Are ya ready for some serious pictures? LOL

Here is my nephew standing guard of the precious aisle... you don't want to go through him! (Doesn't he look handsome!?)

and here is hubby and the best man waiting for the processional to start...

Here are just a few of my Aunts and Uncles... with their special yellow bouts

Mother of the bride... escorted by my eldest nephew...

Mother of the groom, escorted by my middle nephew...

My FIL was already seated... so my MIL joined him at his seat!

Groomsman who flew in from New Orleans and Bridesmaid who flew in from NYC

Groomsman who flew in from Indiana and Bridesmaid who is based out of SoCal.

Groomsman from Central Cal, and Bridesmaid from SoCal..

Groomsman from Jerz and my bridesmaid who is now from Seattle.

 Both my BIL and SIL; sibling & sibling in law of hubby...

Groomsman from Jerz and SIL from SoCal.

My Maid of Honor, flew in from NY... doesn't she look so happy?
 What a difference a day makes, right?... here she is the day before (i just had to share this!)

Here is our ring bearer/nephew... 

Our baby Flower girl, escorted by her paternal grandmother...

And a few of the flower girls... they were just so cute!
 And here I come...

Stay tuned for more, and catch up on Wedding Weekend Recaps!

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  1. The yellow petals and tulips along the aisle look great :)


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