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May 17, 2010

Design for Charity Contest

MagnetStreet is doing an awesome contest for charity...

They have invited me to participate and I was so thrilled and honored... and of course i loved going back and looking at pretty paper and designs to think up a new invitation design.

Voting starts on TODAY for one week, so i need your vote... go to the MagnetStreet Facebook page and become a fan/like them so that you can vote for my design when the contest starts!

Here's my design ...

And what I'll win if you help me vote is $1000 towards the charity of my choice and an Ipad... I've recently volunteered with Wish Upon a Wedding organization, so to help out our DC chapter, I'd love to get that money to donate to this new organization... so help me out.

Voting starts on Monday for one week ... go to the MagnetStreet Facebook page and vote for my design!


  1. How exciting, and how awesome that you want to donate the money to our D.C. WUW chapter! Your design is beautiful, and I'll be rooting for you!

  2. Your design is classic. I'll vote for you any day.

  3. Those are beautiful! One talented lady...


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