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May 05, 2010

The Details: Bridal Party {Flowers}

Our bridal party looked amazing all dressed up with somewhere to go... but i have to admit, Allie from Flower Allie took the few ideas I had and knocked 'em out of the park. I was so pleased with all her work... her prices are amazingly reasonable, her personality so fun and quirky, her vision... experienced, inventive and unique... and her work... unmatched.... so a few shots of the gorgeous flowers we all had on hand for the wedding...

My Bouquet... gorgeous, right? Allie matched the detail of lace with my dress... and helped to make my idea of a gorgeous bouquet real.I absolutely loved it.

She nailed the ladies' bouquets... lots of bright yellows, the navy satin to match their shoes... and the whites/creams. So beautiful - they definitely popped against the dark charcoal dresses!

I loved the men's bouts... the yellow and blue against the black tuxes looked great... it was simple, modern but fun and cool... and hubby's matching bout was gorgeous!

The moms received this corsage/bout.... simple yet gorgeous, flowing and very romantic...

All the elders in our family (aunts/uncles) received this bout... to acknowledge their presence not just at the wedding but throughout our lives.

And the girls' baskets were soooo cute... navy and charcoal ribbon, yellow to make it pop with the white flowers... they threw yellow flowers too... so cute.

Stay tuned for some more recaps and check out past wedding weekend recaps!


  1. gosh they were perfect!! I love that florist...SOO are you going to do a trash the dress session with Jordana???!!!!

  2. I love your bouquet, it was absolutely GORGEOUS! But really all the flowers were to die for, they turned out great!

  3. I am a sucker for white anemone flowers (the ones with dark centers). I know they're also hugely popular with brides. For those lucky enough to get them when in season, they make for absolutely beautiful bridal bouquets.

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  6. Martha Stewart Weddings' Bridal Bouquets collection. Browse pictures of wedding flower arrangements, bouquets, and centerpiece ideas by style.


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