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May 04, 2010

The Details {Outfitting the Bridal Party}

Here are some gorgeous detail shots of our outfits and attire... I wanted to include these b/c I know other brides can appreciate the thought that I put into each decision that was made... I asked my mom to make the girls' bracelets b/c I knew it'd mean a lot to both sides for something hand made to be given as a gift. Since she was doing my jewelry, i thought it only appropriate to have her do theirs...Unfortunately, due to costs and time, the ladies only got the bracelet, while I had a matching set...

Here are some other photos of the little details...

My Gorgeous Dress... Dakota by Enzoani...

My Beautiful belt - made to go with the Diana Style dress by Enzoani.

Our shoes, it took me a lot of work to find these for all my ladies... from San Diego to Paramus, NJ and down to Metro DC Area... but it was so worth it!

 My Gorgeous custom made stylish garter by Julianne Smith (The Garter Girl)

Our rings...

Lockets with my hubby's brother who passed away and for my father who chose not to attend. (Long story, i'll fill ya in later) - Aristocrafty Etsy store

The garter, the shoes, and the beautiful bridesmaids' dresses ...

The shoes, my belt and my gorgeous custom made cathedral length veil (Crowning Glory)

Stay tuned for some more detail shots and check out other wedding weekend recaps!


  1. You have one talented Mom! Those are beautiful.

  2. I think it's so important to get detail shots. Brides spend SO much time on them and it's always a shame when they go unnoticed. Great pics!


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