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May 07, 2010

First Look {Setting the Stage}

Because we had a winter/spring wedding - the sun still set fairly early. This was only one decisive factor in helping us decide we wanted to see each other before the wedding... we didn't start at this decision (read here) but we ended up here and it was a great decision for us!

So here are a few photos to show you where Jordana (Hazelnut Photography) set the stage for our "First Look"
 The St. Regis Monarch Beach is just gorgeous... so many spots, too little time!

Here I am headed to "the spot" with my MOH...

And I was told to face away from the hotel, towards the Pacific as I awaited my groom...

The view was not too shabby!

The hotel sits behind me...

And I wait... a little excited and nervous...

A close up of my bouquet... **sigh** gorgeous...

Here he comes... down the stairs. Hubby said it was while he was waiting ALONE for the cue, he started to get a little nervous...

So far so good... he seems happy with my back side ;-)

Stay tuned for the First look, and read more about our wedding weekend recaps !


  1. Wow.. What a beautiful location. I love your dress and bouquet. Can't wait to see more.

  2. awwww so cute! He looks so excited to see you! :)


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