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May 10, 2010

Our First Look

The moments before our first look were definitely filled with a lot of butterflies and excitement. Those few minutes were probably the only ones we truly spent ALONE before we got married. Hubby said to me "that's when i started to feel my stomach get nervous for the first time all weekend"... and it was the same for me.

Having our first moments spent alone (well with our awesome photogs) was really special. Granted his first words to me were "WOW!... oh btw, i'm mic-ed so be careful what you say!" Lol... it was still truly an awesome moment. Seeing the love in his eyes and the look of pure happiness and surprise... definitely surpassed any thoughts I could have imagined prior... 

so here we go with a scene by scene montage of our first moment together on our wedding day... ready?

We were obviously so happy - we couldn't stop grinning like fools

Then he had to have me step back to look at me...

I of course had to adjust his vest...

He's telling me how beautiful I look ... over and over again (so sweet!)

Me giving my stamp of approval of his whole ensemble... Loved it!

And here we are... grinning like fools... we gained our composure later, but this was our first "posed" photo where we couldn't stop smiling... LOL. What a great moment it was... and i still get giddy thinking about it!

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  1. seriously - you looked bodacious in that dress girl!!! WOWZA!

  2. Indeed... everything about you was beautiful Amy Jean! :)

  3. Aww you both look so happy and so excited! Just as it should be!! Lovely lovely pictures. You looked amazing (you could tell by the look on his face)!!


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