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May 12, 2010

Pre-Ceremony {Bridal Party Pics}

Our bridal party was pretty hot, i have to say... not to be biased in anyway. And I loved the overall look and how it all came together... Sure my grays weren't all the same shade of gray and my yellows weren't all the same yellows, my accents came out different shades of navy... but honestly, I loved it... So just to boast and brag a bit about how great they looked, here are some photos we took with our bridal party for your enjoyment...

Since my brother walked me down the aisle, he wasn't "in" the bridal party - but he definitely was a vital part of the bridal party. Also, were my two nephews who helped usher everybody to their seats. Don't the men look handsome?

Me with the little ones... so adorable!

My Aunt, me and my mom... aren't they beautiful?

My mom, me and my MIL... :-)

My mother, me and my brother!

The ladies... HAWT!

The men...

And the combination... I love this photo and have a huge magnet of it on my wall! Our bridal party truly rocked and we had so much fun with them! :)

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