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May 18, 2010

Pre-Ceremony Candids

I had a lot of fun candids that I enjoyed looking at, so i thought I would share... Some of these images were from Jordana (Hazelnut Photography) but most are from our guests who we collected images from. It was kind of fun to see our guests photo b/c you can see the wedding from their point of view...

My friend took this one of us as we were taking some still shots...

The ladies had a huge room that the city used for activities... big mirrors and BIG EXERCISE BALLS, that were a hit with the kids lol.

This one isn't candid, but we can obviously see what my nephew wanted!

Another shot of me prepping the groom.. i think he said his suspenders (which he wore specifically b/c i love suspenders on men) were hurting him! LOL

Some meet and Greet with cousins who were helping with the guest book and gift table

So due to the rain, we ended up using a clear top tent for the portion of the lawn we actually ended up using. The ceremony lawn is gorgeous without, but the clear top still let us enjoy the sounds and visuals of the rain and the background without getting wet!

Guests milling about before the tent was opened...

and all the while, my bff's wonderful brother was preparing the lovely meats to be served in our Brasilian BBQ dinner... YUMMY!!!

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  1. Wow you look so beautiful in your wedding dress!

  2. BBQ sounds delicious! I love those type of shots for sure. Glad the clear tent worked out...and so glad I didn't need one. I didn't even have a plan B for a tent! :(

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. Glad the tent worked, I think it is great you could be outdoors, enjoy the rain without getting wet.


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