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May 13, 2010

Pre-Ceremony {Photos at the Venue}

Only b/c i'm totally picture happy and absolutely thrilled with our photos that Jordana (Hazelnut Photography) took, am i sharing so many photos. I'm sure y'all are getting tired of them by now, but since this is a journal for me as well, I'm going to continue with photo overload and share some photos we took at the venue before the ceremony :-)

Here we are trying to be smoldering... LOL
Here I am with the youngest in our bridal party... doesn't she look absolutely adorable?

A shot of us in the atrium we never got to use for the cocktail hour :-(

i love this image b/c you can see the bustle of my dress (albeit a bit messy)...

Some more of us posed... *sigh* my hubby looks so handsome!

And I love these shots from behind... especially this one of hubby carefully helping me with my veil!

And since i'm a shoe girl... i love love loved this fun photo. As you can see, my sole mates are nicely placed on and the shoes are just such a great contrast against the white of my dress...  Love it.

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  1. Wonderful photos! You two look great, and your flower girl is simply the cutest!

  2. ink it works! The smoldering I mean... there is something incredibly sexy about black and white photos.

  3. You two are stunning! Such great pictures :)


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