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May 26, 2010

{Sidenote}: What to do when...

you lose the shoes??

So the funny story i glossed over yesterday in my post about the Ceremony {Processional} is my sidenote of the day....

Remember these beautiful shoes?

So as we lined up to start the processional, one of my bridesmaids approached me... very cautiously. She looked a bit scared and I was like "What's wrong?"

Bridesmaid: "I can't find my shoes... ... ... "
Me: "What do you mean?"
Bridesmaid: "I think i left them on the shuttle...."

Silence... ... .... ... .... I really think that you could have heard a pin drop as the other ladies in my bridal party just held their breathe. It seems they were VERY concerned about my reaction as well.  After trying to find them - all of them frantically... they knew they had to tell me the truth... LOL

Me: "Well then you take mine, and I'll put on the other pair i have." (the pair for our first dance, since i needed a strap on the shoes)
Bridesmaid: "i-i... is... is that ok?"
Me: "Yeah, i mean ... you can't go barefoot."

Me: "Oh wait.... you should put on the MOH shoe's, she can wear mine - then it'll look purposeful that everybody's in blue but the MOH."

Bridesmaid: "ok... ok, yeah... are you ok?"
Me: "yeah, that works. let's do this"

I was later told that the fact that I was so "eerily calm" really freaked my bridal party out. They thought I was just gonna freak out at some point, and since I hadn't yet... that the chances were higher when this situation arose. LOL. Instead, i went straight into problem-solve mode. Why freak? It wouldn't bring the shoes back in time... so i didn't even think about freaking. On top of which, I've always said - the mood of the bride and groom set the mood of the wedding... a pair of shoes, even if they took me forever to locate, from DC/NY to CA and a million phone calls to find... are just a pair of shoes.

And nobody even knew my shoes didn't match with my ladies. Nobody knew that my feet breathed a sigh of relief when i changed them mid-day... Nobody knew that there was any "issue"...

i do wish however that i had a camera on me to take a picture of my bridal parties face ... b/c my bridesmaid looked terrified and the rest of my bridal party looked terrified for her. That was priceless. And i'm glad I took that moment in stride.

Sidenote: Freaking out doesn't solve problems, it just prolongs a resolution. Glad i was able to practice what I preached.

What would you have done? LOL

PS. The shoes were located and sent to her via fedex a week after the wedding :)

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  1. You handled that in a great way and I'm sure they were all greatful!

    The groomsmen were worried about my reaction to them having different ties, but I reacted like you did. Freaking out doesn't solve anything!

  2. So funny. I blogged about a huge yellow pollen stain on my gown in the middle of our photo session pre-ceremony and the girls all said (and Mr Fix It as well) that they could not believe how calm I was and how I didn't let anything freak me out. :)

    Funny how you can truly just let it all slide away and figure out a resolution in the midst of something when everyone else around you is waiting for the monster to be unleashed :) Love it!

  3. Haha, good for you. :)

    It makes sense to be calm the day of the wedding though. The freak outs prior is stuff you can CHANGE if you put in the time and energy. On the day of, you have little choice but to let it go, or like you say, it just prolongs the problem.

    Still, I hope I have your grace on my big day :)

  4. I went to a wedding this past October where the groom (I found out later) lost his PANTS! lol He thought that he'd left them at home, so he wore his Bestman's pants and his best man wore his uncles pants and on and on. lol Turns out they were in the closet at the ceremony venue the whole time and the groom was just so distracted he looked right over them. =)

  5. that is hilarious! I had no idea! Super proud of you for being so calm :-)

  6. Yeah, it was stressful, I went running to find Paola to see if we could call the shuttle, and then realized we had to tell you...but you totally rocked and it's true, it looked intentional, and perfect.

  7. You should be proud of yourself - they looked terrified because as we know there are not many brides who manage to think that way!

  8. That was me!! The terrified bridesmaid. Oh my god, I was so freaked out. I still thank my stars that you came up with a plan!!!!!!!!!!! I would put more exclamation marks!


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