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June 03, 2010

Ceremony - {Candid Photos}

I just wanted to share some of our photos from the ceremony... I think they are fun b/c you can see the emotion and the excitement... It was something I had hoped that our awesome photog Jordana {Hazelnut Photography} would capture, but i was afraid i'd be too preoccupied with "looking good" in the photos... fortunately for me, the day of - all I could do was run with all the emotion. I didn't think twice about the video or photos being taken! This is gonna be a very picture heavy post :)

Here we come... down the aisle. 

I believe our officiant/uncle said something funny when it came to the "who gives this woman away?"

The Hug...
The shake
The Handoff
My gorgeous mother looking on

The beginning of our ceremony...

And here are snapshots of our bridal party while we exchanged vows.

Sadly, I don't have one of my MOH, but that's probably b/c she was busy doing this the whole time
 Note, double fisting two bouquets and taking care of my dress... Super MOH!

Obviously my ladies were much more externally emotional... and when i saw these pictures after the wedding, It really touched me to see their emotion... And here we are!

Am I Happy? AW Heck yea!

As we exchanged our rings...

And a few more of the faces around the ceremony as we did this

And then the Kiss... he actually kissed me thrice! Lol!

And as man and wife, we walk back down the aisle to get the party started!

Wow, i got all nostalgic just putting this together. This is gonna be the best wedding journal ever b/c i'm putting every single picture i have in it LOL. Hope you enjoyed. If you want to read more, check out Wedding Weekend Recaps!


  1. Those pictures are spectacular !!!
    The photographer did an excellent job capturing all those emotional moments that you will never forget.
    So pretty!!


  2. The photos are great. I love your flower bouquets. The colors were so vibrant.

  3. I haven't been commenting much but I wanted you to know that I'm LOVING every bit of your recaps!!! And every time I see a pic of your bouquet, I get bouquet regret because in a different world, that's EXACTLY the bouquet I'd have!

  4. I feel like I'm reliving the moments all over again. It's like you're getting married everyday...minus the stress!

  5. These capture the love and emotion on the day beautifully!

  6. Looks like a beautiful ceremony. Congrats!

  7. The venue is just perfect for the very perfect couple like you!...Congrats!

  8. AmyJean your wedding turned out completely amazing!!! You were such an inspiration for my journey, and I love what you have done for other brides! and I am so excited Julianne did your garter! I didn't know you did navy maids and i loved the yellow and dark grey. did you saw that she made my navy and yellow garter with the superman logo? -AmyIrene


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