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June 01, 2010

Ceremony {Our Vows & The Kiss}

After my brother gave me away, the officiant - also the Uncle who has been there for me every step of the way in my life thus far, began our commitment ceremony.

We started with:
Larry will you have this woman to be your wedded wife, to live together after God’s Ordinance, in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others commit yourself only to her? So long as you both shall live? (I do)

Amy Jean will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to live together after God’s Ordinance, in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others commit yourself only to him? So long as you both shall live? (I do) ...

At this time, our officiant/uncle said a few words of scripture from Ephesians 5:22-33: We then exchanged our commitment vows. These were vows I had carefully picked out. A little bit of old with the new...

"I, Larry, take you Amy Jean to be my wife, my partner in life, my one true love. I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever. I will trust you and honor you. I will laugh with you and cry with you. I will love you faithfully through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy. Whatever may come I will always be there. As I have given you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to keep. So help me God"

And then i repeated these same vows to my husband...

The next part was important to me b/c I always found that Ruth's words to her mother-in-law Naomi were so profound and deep... so we said the following together...

"Entreat me not to leave you, or return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. And where you die, I will die and there be buried. May the Lord do with me and more if anything but death parts you from me."

We didn't practice so it was a bit nerve-racking. And minutes before the ceremony, i thought to myself - i should have just picked the easy "I DO" vows since i hate public speaking... but once we were up there, the words of the vows we chose were so important, that all i could think of was the meaning behind them.

Our officiant/Uncle said the following right before we exchanged rings...

"The wedding ring is the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual bond which unites two loyal hearts in endless love. It is a seal of the vows Larry and Amy Jean have made to one another. Bless O God these rings, that Amy Jean and Larry, who give them, and who wear them, may ever abide in your peace. Living together in unity, love and happiness for the rest of their lives."

As my hubby placed the ring on my fourth finger... to the mid-knuckle, hubby said "I give you this ring to wear with love and joy. As a ring has no end, neither shall my love for you. I choose you to be my wife this and forever more."

In a sign of acceptance, I pulled it on the rest of the way and responded "I will forever wear this ring as a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart."

And then Hubby did the same.

Our officiant/Uncle then said: "In as much as you have each pledged to the other your lifelong commitment, love and devotion, I pronounce you husband and wife, in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Those whom God has joined together let no one put asunder...Larry, you may now kiss your lovely bride"

And here is a clip of the kiss...

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  1. OMG I love this video. I feel like I am there at the wedding!

  2. Oh yea! Share more videos! I love them so much more than the pics...and it's a good thing, too since I will have much to post about my pics this coming week :( How all the vows and the sweet ending you shared with us!

  3. The part about accepting the ring is smart. Nice symbolism, plus your dearly beloved doesn't have to fight with the thing to get it on!

  4. Wah!...soo cute!....more videos please!


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