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June 14, 2010

Cocktail Hour

Due to the rain, we had to bring the cocktail hour indoors. Originally we were supposed to use the beautiful atrium space here:
   But the rain made a quick change of plans and we had to move it indoors... So here are a few pictures from the "revised" cocktail hour...

Here are a few pics of the room and people mingling during the cocktail hour:
 Our sweetheart table...
 We had rented cocktail tables for the outdoor atrium and instead just brought them in for people to use.

 Our amazing musicians
 One of our table scapes...

 People just mingled. Because we had to bring it indoors - many found their seats and started chatting with their tables.

 This one is funny, I think our niece thought the meat tongs were fun toys :)

The one thing I will see, I carefully planned out the layout for our cocktail hour. Two separate bars - one with beer/wine another with mixed drinks... but the last minute change in cocktail hour venue didn't give me a chance to rethink how to alleviate bar lines... That is one thing I do wish i could have fixed. Our bar line was a bit ridiculous... and it annoys me that it was a detail i had originally considered but that got lost in the shuffle of things... not the worst thing that can happen - but still... LOL

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1 comment:

  1. I am glad you were able to find a "plan B" due to the weather.
    Everything looks so beautiful.



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