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June 24, 2010

The First Meal

I am very fortunate to have an amazing network of friends. For our wedding, my best friend from college chose not to stand at the alter with me and instead agreed to cater the wedding. Her family owns an amazing Brasilian BBQ restaurant in Torrance (if you haven't gone, go try it now!!) called By Brazil BBQ... so she and her brother - went to the earth's ends to make my day perfect with a delicious and perfect meal.

The food was absolutely delicious and having it served by the churrascaria guys while plating the rest of it gave the meal a very nice touch. We are still hearing about how delicious the food was... and although we didn't get to eat much that night, when I head back home to cali... you know where i'm going!

Here is a picture of her brother preparing the meat... this was an all day affair!

Of course, we couldn't JUST serve meat... so here's some veggies to balance out our meal!

A picture of the BBQ guys going around with the Sausage, bBQ'd chicken and tri tip.

An incomplete plate, but gives you an idea of the food... rice, strogi, black beans and meat... oh - and don't forget the pão de queijo - yummy cheese bread!

And a picture of us as we sat down for about 2 minutes before we got up to start greeting and mingling! Hubby still says i didn't let him eat LOL

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  1. We didn't really get to eat much's really not fair at all. Somehow there should be a way for the bride and groom to eat!

    And no one managed to get pictures of any of the food at our event! UGH...photogs didn't take any pics of the appetizers or buffet or anything. So frustrating! Oh well.

    At least yours looked great...I love how they came around to the tables to serve cool is that?

  2. I LOVE Brazilian barbecue. I actually just went for some with my mom today! It was nice of your friend to cater :)


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