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June 23, 2010

Maid of Honor Toast

Toasts aren't easy. Trust me... i know. I'm always a nervous wreck - so when my cousin/MOH agreed to do the toast I was thrilled. We grew up together and as the years passed, came to become even closer.  I know she was nervous... although she never complained. And i know she put a lot of thought into the words to say... and that meant so much to me. And appropriately, she used yellow paper to go with the colors of the wedding LOL (not sure if that was planned).

Here are a few photos from the MOH toast!

The look of thrill on her face that it was over - i think was very obvious. I was so proud of her and touched by the speech... I think our bridal party did a FABULOUS job of being so amazing. From beginning til end... non stop support and encouragement. That made coordinating 14 people all the easier for us! Thanks Guys!

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  1. Glad that everything went so well!

  2. Have I told you how much I loved the lighting at your reception? Seriously...we had red uplighting in our room and you couldn't even see it. Something got lost along the way there and it didn't even show up barely at all in the room or the photos :(


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