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June 08, 2010

Posed Photos - Family & Friends

Here are some photos we took immediately after the ceremony... Just for fun to share...

Many people asked me why California... aside it being "home" for me, most of my family lives there... as you can see below by this INCOMPLETE family picture... I have a lot of family! :)

And here are some more...

The hubby with his parents...

With the In-Laws

Hubby's Immediate Family!

The woman I owe my life to!

My mother with us!

My immediate family!

Our niece and nephews!

Family from my father's side!

Group picture of my Aunts and Uncles who made the wedding.

My Aunt and Uncle...

Cousins... somehow my brother and SIL are not in this picture. Weird!

Our officiant/Uncle :)

My High School Friends, a few were missing, but through thick and thin - we've been the best of friends!

Big Friends picture, although many of our friends ran in to get their drink on :)

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