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June 16, 2010

{Sidenotes}: Running out of Something?

So as the hubby and i prepared for our grand entrance into the reception room - we were informed that we ran out of Vodka.

Yes... we RAN out... in one hour about 5 liters of vodka, b/c one flavor was left before we even got INTO the reception... 

Now, I knew we had drinkers... so i skimped on the recommended amount of wine and totally stocked up on the liquor and beer. So much so that the Bev Mo Manager asked me "how many people?... 200? oh WOW!!!" and I asked "oh wow we need more or oh wow we should have some left to take back to the hotel?"

He EXCLAIMED... "there definitely will be plenty left to take back to the hotel, and since alcohol doesn't go bad - if you feel you need that much, at least you know you can drink it in the future."

So yeah, in the cocktail hour - we ran out of our Grey Goose, our Vanilla Vodka and Our sweet tea vodka... GO FIGURE!

Never fear - our Excellent Caterers (By Brazil BBQ) sent out their staff and we restocked... but seriously, how can you run out of that much VODKA in one hour LOL. No wonder our guests seemed so ready to party right when it started. LOL

By the end of the night we had some of this left:
But that too was gone before the lights dimmed on!

Cheers to tons of fun, read more Wedding Weekend Recaps!

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  1. Lol would have loved to see the guy's face when he realised you had, in fact, run out of vodka! XD


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