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July 15, 2010

Babies, Babies anyone?

So now that we're married, the big question has shifted from "are you getting married?" or any wedding-related questions to "babies? babies?"... and man oh man, i'm ready for it to stop. lol. Not only is it coming from family, but friends as well... and with many of my friends now getting pregnant, I think it definitely has become a majority of many of my recent conversations ... particularly with my mother.

For instance, a conversation with my mom the other day over the phone... and let me preface this with: my mom is not the nagging type, so imagine my surprise...and this conversation occurred in Ko-nglish... Korean/English mix.

Mom: "so are you still taking medicine?"
Me: "Medicine?"
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  1. This is so true - you just got married, one thing at a time right? I love your blog, its so entertaining and well-written! I just wrote a blog post on a website called ShareWIK about witnessing Carrie Underwood’s wedding that you’re sure to enjoy. I’d love for you to take a look at it and get your input! The link to the blog is:
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  2. So true. Don't let anyone pressure you. Kids are wonderful but a lot of work. Enjoy some time with just you and your hubby. You both will know when the time is right.


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