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July 07, 2010

Our Table Names and Designs

Our beautiful ballroom was converted into a reception area with plenty of long banquet tables surrounding the room and 72 inch rounds sprinkled along the borders of the dance floor. To personalize things, our tables were identified with the pictures and names of our friends' dogs...

Allie from Flower Allie spent the majority of the day beautifying our tables with gorgeous tablescapes... we had one tablescape for the long banquets and then we had three different ones for the rounds...all these ideas came about with an amazingly creative planner - Paola {Just Chic Events} - and an amazingly creative florist - Allie!

This is what a few tables looked like during the set up...

And here are a few more of the various table identifiers we had along with the various table scapes...
For the long banquets...
 Then against the dimmed houselights and with all the uplights and pinspots (PROPS FX rocks... seriously, Brady is awesome, worth way more than what we paid... WAY!)

And here are some photos of our round tablescapes

Tablescape 2

Tablescape 3

and some room shots once the lighting was set...

Our sweetheart table...

And of course we had to rush the room before anybody else could get there and took a few of these:

All of our table names and places cards were done by Kelly from by Calligraphy by Kelly Ann - who is fabulous... here are a few shots of her amazing work:

I am so blessed that every vendor we chose worked so well together and had such an amazing eye and skill, that they took what I was hoping to end up with and made it even BETTER!

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  1. I LOVE the look and feel of your reception! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You did an amazing job. I especially love the milk vases :)

  2. Stunning centerpieces! LOVE all your ideas!

  3. First time to see table design and color like those photos above...Its not a bright color but its elegant

  4. god i wish we had a larger budget for flowers at our wedding... soo beautiful!!!

  5. Our flower budget was minimal, and our florist and planner were just uber creative to work within that... Flower Allie is amazing. It's def. worth exploring with your florist!

  6. Beautiful decoration!The arrangements with baby breath look so stylish and gorgeous!Thanks for pictures!


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