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August 16, 2010

5 Month Anniversary: Westin St. Maarten Resort & Spa

I suppose its silly to keep tabs on each month we've been married, but I feel like - the first year - it's ok. Kind of how many mothers tally their child's age by month until they hit 1 yrs old (sometimes 2yrs), I kind of feel its complete OK to define the length of marriage by month our first year.

We spent our 5 month anniversary in St. Maarten on our honeymoon. It was perfect timing, and honestly not calculated but rather a pleasant coincidence. I want to start our honeymoon recap with how my husband (of 5 months) and I spent this special day. We headed over to Dawn Beach which is just on the east side of the island... and we ended up here...

Let's start off with a few photos of the facilities...
 The Westin St. Maarten is part of the Starwoods Hotel Group, which we love considering we had our hotel block at the St. Regis, also a member of Starwoods! As you can tell, this specific property has been recognized for all the features that it boasts.

 As you walk in, the ceiling has these magnificent palm leaves (i think) all over...

A gorgeous fountain graces the entrance way of the resort.

This is the view looking up...

One of the many casinos on the island, but one of the few in such a nice property.

The hotel has two dining facilities indoors, aside from the deli/shack set out by the pool and the swim up bar... Aura is for fine dining and Ocean is a little more casual but from what I can tell - just as tasty!

This is the view as you walk out towards the pool...

You can sit on the patio and look out at the pool...

Cabanas line the edges of the pool area for those who want to splurge and have a little more coverage from the sun. There is a fee, but it is definitely worth it.

A view from the beach looking towards the resort...

Looking from the pool towards the jacuzzi... out towards the water.

The lounge chairs on the beach if you prefer the natural waves of the Caribean instead of the great pool.

The pool bar, dry on one side... and swim up on the other!

Now, I'm sure y'all are thinking to yourselves... wow, this is a gorgeous resort!  Maybe even thinking ... "what a gorgeous place to get married!" Well, since I aim to please, the next post will show you the various spots on the resort that are available FOR a wedding as well as a few images from a couple who just happened to get married later that SAME day we were there!

Stay tuned for those photos as well as a chance for one lucky reader to possibly get their very own chance to visit the AMAZING Westin St. Maarten Resort & Spa!


  1. Today is our 4 month anniversary and I agree that I keep track of the months for some reason during the first year...silly, but I do it.

    I love these photos...what an incredible resort! And I would be all over those pool side cabanas :)


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