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August 04, 2010

Candy Buffet {Custom Candy Buffet Bars}

Another splurge that was a little last minute was working with Jackie from Custom Candy Buffet Bars (Read her post about our wedding and her video montage!!). The girl is simply fabulous and she easily persuaded me that this was a splurge we needed. In fact, since we didn't do favors and were able to cut corners elsewhere, i definitely thought it'd be fun... She made the designs so much fun...  and the girl is so fabulous, she recently did an OPRAH EVENT!!!! and to top that off, she recently welcomed a precious baby girl into the world. One perk about wedding planning is that you do meet some truly awesome people, and Jackie is definitely one of them... So check out our Custom Candy Buffet!!!

And of course, kids of all ages enjoyed the treats!

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  1. Wow your candy buffet was so well put together. The colors the variety... it's so cool!

  2. candy bars... yum! Very well presented and the colours are original and effective

  3. Wow, so many delicious candies, they look beautiful as well as attractive. I really want to taste all of them. Preparing a candy buffet in the wedding reception is a good idea.

  4. That girl LOADED up!! Ha ha!! I would have too!!!


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