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August 25, 2010

Honeymoon Recap: Divi Bay Resort {Part 2}

So we arrived at Divi Bay Resort in St. Maarten and were greeted with a nice cold rum punch and a cool ride up to our room. The resort was beautiful... our room was great and hubs and I were excited to get our honeymoon on... Check out the view from our private balcony...

And i had to take a photo of the Bay. Little Bay is where a lot of people come to snorkel...

This is a view from the other side of the resort... just as beautiful. The water is so pristine. I mean, can you imagine if we were surrounded by water this beautiful daily... it'd be magical.

And of course, some posed photos of us near the water!

This was near the Gizmo Beach shack and Toucan Restaurant... an actual REAL Parrot... 

This photo is a bit faded due to the lens fogging up from the change in temperature... but doesn't it look like i'm holding the parrot LOL

I tried to take a photo of us... but my arms are too short... :(

At least the background of the beach is pretty in this photo... considering half my face is cut off LOL

This last photo was actually taken from our sunset cruise (stay tuned for that post)... but this is what the Divi looks like from the water... isn't it beautiful?
 This was just our first day, we had so much fun and explored the island... so stay tuned for more posts about St. Maarten...


  1. so nice!!!!! looks like u had a great time!! :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and romantic looking! Would love to be there now and not in dreary, rainy NYC!


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