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August 24, 2010

Honeymoon Recap: St. Maarten {Part 1}

So let's back track a bit and start at the very beginning of our honeymoon - now that i've indulged you with some anniversary recaps, its time to recap the whole honeymoon!!

Hubby and I were plenty excited for this long awaited vacation. We had been working hard and the time was really needed to help us step back and take a moment to realize... "hey, we're NEWLYWEDS!" We headed up to the in-laws b/c the boys were staying with the grandparents. We stayed there for one night and left early in the AM to Newark to take our FIRST CLASS flight direct to St. Maarten. WOOOHOOOOO! I mean, we've both never flown first class and using our miles that we worked hard to get only made it that much sweeter (on top of which, we both saved 10k miles by flying first instead of Coach - GO figure!)

Although there were a few disappointments along the way with the experience (which Continental addressed promptly - impressed!), I was determined not to let anything start this honeymoon off in a wrong way.

so here we are... in first Class, with our complimentary drink (that's right - nothing wrong with an 8am drink - right?)

and of course the hubby... enjoying his vodka and orange... 8 am... just that alone made my day!

And of course here we are in the taxi... when we first landed...

Whilst driving by the... THATS RIGHT... the BADA BING!
Of course this was merely a first few moments in St. Maarten - so we were ecstatic to get settled in and explore the resort once we got there...

So far, so good... and we couldn't wait to get our feet wet (no pun intended)!

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