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August 18, 2010

Spa & Resort: Westin St. Maarten

So we should take a look at the inside of the resort since we got to tour the outside a bit... Aside from a real luxury feel, the Westin St. Maarten offers a casino and a full service spa as well as gorgeous rooms.
 and hubby and I were so lucky b/c Greg Majka (Director of catering and convention services) and Marouschka Van Axel Dongen made sure that we felt right at home... and you know what that included? A special couple's massage right at the resort. Talk about a real treat...

So a few photos of the where we got to hang out... we started off going into the individual locker rooms to change and met here:
 The waiting area... complete with some complimentary beverages, super comfy lounge chairs and the soothing sounds of trickling water...

Laura Satterfield (Hibiscus Spa Director) made sure we were in good hands with our couple's massage. I had always wanted to try this and thought it was the perfect thing for us to do to celebrate our big FIVE month anniversary...

We were put into this room
where Isha and Masamina gave us both a firm swedish massage... It was awesome. It was soothing... it was super perfect...  The massage beds were one of the most comfiest ones i've ever been on, and there was very little asked of me besides the half-time flip. The beds were electric and smoothly transitioned to help lift and move us as needed.

After the massage, we took showers in the individual locker rooms and then retired to our own day room... Yes, they even provided us with a day room... it was SO nice.

Here are a few pics. I wish that i could have gotten a better pic of the view we had, but we were so excited to enjoy the pool/beach, that I didn't get a chance.

I'm a big fan of nice bathrooms, and having both the tub and a stand up shower with a lot of space was super nice... The room was gorgeous and provided just the time out we needed before heading out for lunch and some pool time.

Stay tuned for those photos... and perhaps a giveaway?

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  1. Everything sounds heavenly... Your hubby looks so relaxed! Love the french doors...


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