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September 02, 2010

Honeymoon Recap: Sint Martin/St. Maarten

Our 2nd day in St. Maarten, the husband and I rented this little guy
and drove around the island.

The dual nation island is not very big by any means, so it didn't take all day - but we had a blast. Granted I got carsick b/c the roads were quite bumpy... but here's a few photos of what we say along the way:

No trademark infringement?

These were typical signs you saw telling you where certain stores or cities were. The island goes in a circular path so Zhaveri is on EVERY SIGN!~ LOL

Some livestock...

Just another typical house on the island... right?

The island is amazing but we didn't realize that to get to certain beaches, you can travel the "private" roads to get to public access - so we missed out. But you don't have to... especially if you win this HONEYMOON Vacation at the Westin St. Maarten (nice plug, right?) . Enter until 10/1/2010 and use the trip by 11/1/2011... :)


  1. Love the photos. What an absolutely gorgeous island.

  2. Saint Martin is gorgeous. True enough, the place is a perfect getaway for honeymooners.


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