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September 14, 2010

Painting Project

So, I won't lie... now that i'm a wife, I do think I'm nesting a bit more. Our condo is not just a condo, but our home (hopefully not for too much longer)... but i need to make our home as comfy and nice as possible - so that we want to spend our time together in it.

The first step of my nesting was to clean up my walls. No work has been done on the walls since we moved into this building and since day 1 - scuff marks were all over the place. So I took the time alone on labor day weekend to see what I could do. I had the left over paint from when we moved in provided by the contractors and some time. I am thinking of redoing the kitchen and living room walls, so before i took on such a big project - i had to see if i could handle a smaller one...

Here is my before:

Another angle of how scuffed up the wall was.

Tada... and here is my after... nice and clean. Its a small difference that mostly I notice, but it makes me feel better when I walk into our home to see clean walls.

Are you a nester? Is this something that comes naturally? Did it happen at any particular moment in your life?

Also, I want to paint my kitchen walls... any suggestions for colors?

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