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September 30, 2010

Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall Montego Bay

beautiful resort JamaicaThe Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall in Montego Bay Jamaica is simply a beautiful resort. From the stylish and welcoming decor that greet you at the entrance.

ritz carlton jamaica to the vibrant art decor on the walls in the lobby.
The hotel has rich woodwork to keep things warm and inviting on this breezy tropical island.
visit jamaica

 The dark dramatic hues of the hotel bar makes for a romantic spot for couples, as well as a perfect backdrop for live entertainment, which this swanky bar has on specific nights.
honeymoon jamaica

A breathtaking view from the lobby terrace that looks over the center of the resort. The lawn is a perfect place for some pick up sports games or just lounging around. The pool is amazing and has the most comfy lounge chairs that a staff will set up for you, with towel pillows and all. And just beyond those shady palm trees is the Caribbean Sea...
honeymoon ritz carlton

Wanna go beach side and see a beautiful sunrise?
wedding jamaica
destination wedding

wedding ritz carlton
What about a romantic lounge chair for too, with the perfect shading to prevent too much sun!

family vacation jamaica
nice little cutouts along the walkway, make for the perfect amount of privacy if you want to get away from the other guests

or want a private butlered dinner? You pick the menu? (What a perfect proposal or anniversary dinner spot!!)

honeymoon montego bay
What about taking a Jerk cooking class which is offered on the weekends by the Chef of the Ritz?
honeymoon wedding destination
Caribbean wedding

destination wedding caribbean

vacation caribbeanor partake of some amazing food on the patio

Breakfast buffet anybody?
best destination wedding
romantic getaway

And aside from water sports outside in the water, poolside games... a favorite past time of course... Anybody up for a different type of Pool?
romantic jamaica

These are just a few of the highlights of what the Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall has to offer. For families that want to vacation, children of all ages have lot to do. For the visitor who wants authentic Jamaican cuisine or to learn about the culture, the resort offers the Jerk class as well as other excursions to tour around locally. And of course for those who just want to relax, poolside or beach side, having all of it at your doorstep takes vacationing to a whole new level. Honeymooning can be just as fun since there are various ways to celebrate in private or to join other guests that partake in all that the Ritz has to offer.

"What about the weddings?" you ask... Well my next post will show you the various spots at the Ritz-Carlton that they have set up SOLELY for weddings.

**read more about my Jamaica Press Trip**

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