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September 28, 2010

Up in the Air...

As i prepared for my trip to Jamaica, I had to take note that one of my bags could fly free! Really? I mean, unless under some special deal - most airlines charge for any checked baggage but i was flying JetBlue via Dulles International through JFK. If you are fortunate like me, JetBlue flies out of a city nearby and has direct routes to places I frequent (LAX) and quick 1-stop layovers for others... and the best part, they just added Turks & Caicos to their routes. Funny, I've been telling the hubby for YEARS i've wanted to go there... WHAT a coinkidink!

Typically, I don't like layovers - but I didn't mind this one b/c the JetBlue terminals are all equipped with FREE WiFi - which is perfect for someone who wants to stay connected like me and what I didn't realize was that the JFK terminal was UBER cool for JetBlue. Equipped with different levels of dining, on my return flight - i engaged in a spicy bloody mary AND Egg's Benedict for breakfast while surfing the internet on my phone... It was pretty much traveling at its peak. So i definitely didn't have a single complaint about flying JetBlue - and next year, I'm thinking of planning my September travels around their All You Can Jet (AYCJ) special and take advantage of trying to fly home and elsewhere (Maybe turks or other Caribbean islands? Ohhh, i've got some ideas a-brewin' now).

Ok, but enough about my great flights to and from Jamaica - Let's talk JAMAICA!!!

Upon landing, the air was a bit dense and wet... there was a few sprinkles in the air, but I was so excited... it didn't bother me at all... Why would rain bother me? The girl who had rain on her wedding day? (As Luke Bryan sings "Rain is a good thing") and I still caught a glimpse of the beautiful Caribbean Sea that surrounded us and knew that this island was gonna be gorgeous.  
visit jamaica

Also, I could see how lush the island would be by just the greenery on our drive to the Ritz-Carlton, Rose-Hall.
visit Montego Bay
It was a beautiful sight for these sore eyes who had just left a hustling bustling city of cement and brick buildings to see this type of greenery.

And within a few hours, the skies cleared... albeit a little gray, but still just beautiful to look like this.
honeymoon jamaica
I couldn't really have a single complaint because I was in Jamaica. I was about to be introduced to a beautiful island, with amazing people and a deep culture and history that I had no idea about...

So of course, as we pulled up to here
Ritz Carlton Jamaica
the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall, I was super excited that no amount of rain could really bother me... all i could do was hold my breathe in anticipation of what was to come.

**read more about my Jamaica Press Trip**

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