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October 06, 2010

Blue Mountain Coffee Body Scrub

Can life be any better than vacationing in Jamaica? ... Well, I'm glad you ask because I have to admit (none to shyly either) that nothing beats a Vacation in Jamaica like a Spa treatment at the Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall, Montego Bay while IN Jamaica. :)

Call me spoiled rotten, That weekend in Jamaica, I'll admit it... I was. And to top things off, I experienced for my first time a Body Scrub, but this one was exclusive to the Ritz in Jamaica. Blue Mountain Coffee is known world-wide as a great coffee... well imagine that fragrance while its being scrubbed into your body to exfoliate you... Yup, A Blue Mountain Coffee Scrub was amazing...

Starts with scrubbing the coffee grinds and sugar all over your body, then you soak in a pre-heated tub ready with ice cold hand cloth to keep you from overheating and Ice water... and then after you are all clean, you are swedishly massaged with honeydew lotion into heaven...

**read more about my Jamaica Press Trip**

images sourced from Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall (if not my own photos)

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