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October 25, 2010

Jamaica: Weddings, Honeymoons & Celebrations Oh My...

It's one of those rare opportunities that I get where I'm soaking alone in my tub, with nothing but the sound of... well, just the water filling the tub and the ocean. The sound of the ocean is the gentle reminder that I'm not just relaxing but I'm relaxing in JAMAICA! With all the assumptions I had prior to arriving in Jamaica, it's nothing but truth behind the Jamaica ads of "Once you go, you know!" Truly, I can't tell you what a lovely island it is or how friendly the people were with just words ... you really have to just GO!

Jamaica is an island escape, rich with culture and history, food and entertainment. There is something for everyone. Whether its an intimate wedding at the small but delightful Coyaba Resort or a honeymoon to the Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall or a family trip staying at a Villa at the Half Moon Resorts, just in Montego Bay, the options for weddings, romantic getaways or family vacations are numerous. All these choices and that's without even venturing into other hot spots like Negril, Ocho Rios or Kingston.

For the naturist, Jamaica offers a natural environment for hikes, river rafting, zip lining, snorkeling and gardens galore. You really can't see it all in just one short trip. For the romantic getaway, sunsets on private beaches or gorgeous beach side restaurants will help to set the mood. Of course for the person who just needs a getaway to getaway, Jamaica is the place that will cater to making you feel welcome, at peace and very relaxed. With everything at your whim, you can create your magical paradise of a vacation, honeymoon AND wedding.

In Jamaica, your weddings can be catered to your style. While destination weddings are great, many places offer a limited selection of what the bride and groom can choose from. Of course, this can help make planning easy, Jamaica offers tons of choices with the similar ease of simple planning with the expertise of each resorts staff. They are not amateurs to creating the wedding that fits each individual couple's needs and that's what makes Jamaica an excellent place for destination wedding fun.

But of course, for me... the newlywed, I can only envision romantic getaways while staring at the gorgeous sunset thinking of my husband. I keep saying to myself "next time you are in Jamaica, this is where you have to take him." It'll be a romantic trip planned by me for a change and I have no doubt he'll be just as taken with this gorgeous island. And in the not so distant future, I can envision a family trip, complete with our own butler and cook on site? (Half Moon Villas!) A relaxing and family fun vacation with no worries...

And as they say (and drink) in Jamaica, "No Problems"... a perfect getaway for any person, couple or family to have the perfect getaway ... to get away!

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  1. Having been to Jamaica several times .. I would definately recommend for a honeymoon!



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