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October 13, 2010

Romantic River Rafting Martha Brae

To make any visit to Jamaica complete, one has to explore the beautiful nature Jamaica has to offer. When I first heard of river rafting, I was a little scared... I won't lie... But when they say "romantic" river rafting at Martha Brae, they aren't joking... Think Italian Gondola... but in Jamaica... I took some Video Clips to help you get the idea...

and of course I love the way the Jamaicans are so friendly... just whoopin' and hollerin' at each other to say hello!

And from our lovely Raft Captain, he was super sweet... I was a sucker and purchased one of these hand crafted "things" from him... but he engraved it especially for my mother - so i think it was money well spent...

and he threw in a little raft to match

As you can tell, the river rafting is more like gliding and it is very romantic... Something exciting to see what the great outdoors in Jamaica are like!

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