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November 15, 2010

EPIPHANY: Life's what you make it!

I finally got a good night's rest last night, but the weekend was full of sleepless nights. I feel that sometimes when you are tired, really really tired - you have the clearest most precise thoughts. And that's what happened saturday night about 3am...

Big EPIPANY: make time now. enjoy life now. Goals are good but goals to enjoy life, to be happy or to make the most of a moment are NOT long term goals, but daily goals.

The Hubs and I love living in the District, but at the same time the rat race in DC just feels never ending. There are times when we think about a slower paced life and seriously enjoy the day dream.  We've been contemplating a move within the next 5 years and that move would lead us outside of the District and not back to our home bases, California or New Jersey. Instead, our top two choices are North Carolina or Indiana, back to the beloved state that brought us together. With that in mind, I've justified this move as a way to live life "better" (relative to us enjoying life "better" not that its "better" than any other person's choice).

"Life is a rat race, regardless of where you go, but at least in a slower paced location, we get paid less but we pay less to live and can have moments to enjoy life."

I've really believed what I had been saying, but Saturday night - in my fits of restless tossing and turning, I realized one thing... our moments to enjoy life are now. Every day. Every moment. Moving from one city to another won't create those opportunities. We have to create them. We have to make them happen. Sure, moving to Indiana/NC may give us more obvious opportunities and downtime to do the things we want, but we can still do them here - we just have to make working hard AND enjoying life and each other a top priority as well.

Usually my moments of clarity happen in the bathroom... don't ask. LOL! Although I'm still tired from the lack of sleep this weekend, I've walked away with a positive perspective ... and I have to remind myself daily... (and in the words of the famous Hannah Montana - and i'm sure other famous people): "Life's what you make it"


  1. Great post, lady! I have to remind myself of this frequently, too, and we've also talked about heading somewhere else in a few years or so. Hawaii, New Mexico & California currently top the list. But there will be stress and difficult moments anywhere, so we need to fully enjoy what we have right now and make time to enjoy life. I'm definitely doing my best. :)

  2. Yeah, though it may seem embarrassing to say but I too sometimes enjoy being in the bathroom because it is during those times when I can be alone and think about my life. It is usually in the bathroom where you can come up with a decision for your life!


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