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November 01, 2010

Sanity Restored... TODAY

The Rally to restore sanity was anything but sane. Don't get me wrong... It was fun and really fun to people watch and read the signs, but it was insane. My mother and I walked the national mall only days before the influx of visitors and they only seemed to have partitions and speakers up from 3rd street (capital area) to 7th street. My mother and I got pushed back to 9th street and I can tell you there were hundreds more behind me and to the side... so it was INSANE. But today, a typical Monday - sanity seemed restored to the District of Columbia...

Here are a few fun photos from our day :)

The guy was dressed up as a penis, and i didn't even notice that LOL

Just a side note: I'm not very political even though I definitely have my points of view. I'm "undecided" or "independent" under my party affiliation, depending on where I'm voting. I'd say I'm fiscally conservative - mostly just waiting accountability for where my tax dollars are going, b/c i do know, that I need to pay taxes to contribute to society - I'm morally conservative - I have my own spiritual and religious belief but I also don't believe in forcing my views upon others. I respect that whether its my god or your god, your "judgment" day has nothing to do with my views or opinions - and i'm civically (is that a word?) liberal - I believe in equality for all, regardless of moral, religious or political views, certain fundamental rights belong to us all.

That being said, I showed up to the rally really just to people watch and show my mom "DC life". She was so intrigued and kept saying "where did they all come from?" and couldn't quite grasp that people would travel to stand for a cause. And many people came out to stand for a cause for the moderate, the  average, typically non-cause fighting americans who just want to and are trying to survive.

There were some great signs, and i'm sad I didn't get a picture of them all, but i hope you enjoy some of the ones I did capture!

My mom took a lot more, check out her blog and see below for her self-made slideshow!

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  1. It was fun, but it was a crazy mob scene for sure! I normally don't even try to deal with crowds like that, and I probably won't ever again. :)


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