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November 09, 2010

think im gettin' sick

Last night, i had an amazing time meeting up w/some friends for some yogalates at The Yoga District and then checking out Masa 14 (which was pretty darn tasty)... i fell asleep feeling a bit stuft up and congested and had a restless night of sleep.

Woke up to some green mucus/phlegm/snot/boogers, googled it and am now laying back in bed.

Mom is here visiting and i can be honest, im indulging in the moment. She already boiled/steamed me asian pear soaked in honey, made me ginger tea - like boiled ginger and then added honey and is now feeding me some soup :)

Can you be in heaven while having a cold?

So until tomorrow, i bid you adieu with a pic of the pups

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  1. Feel better, girl! Looking forward to our HH!

  2. feel better!!! ur dogs are very cute btw :)

  3. Feel better! I love it when my momma is around to help me feel better.

  4. Sometimes I love having a cold as you can totally indulge moping around and relaxing!


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