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November 24, 2010

Welcoming Christmas

Now, I know many people have strong feelings about decorating TOO early for Christmas. In fact, my husband is one of those people who believes that Thanksgiving should stand alone and once Thanksgiving is over (and only when it is over), should Christmas be thought of.

I have never enjoyed Christmas. Don't get me wrong - getting together with family and eating good food was always great - but the stress of money, unhappiness and buying buying buying always put a big cloud over this holiday. It didn't help much that in my own family, Christmas only meant a time of intense strain and stress in our home. Due to this and how my own feelings of Christmas are jaded, I don't enjoy Christmas. This has been difficult because my husband LOVES Christmas. LOVES IT!

This year is our first Christmas as a LEGAL family. We've been family long before the marriage, but somehow the legal commitment and emotional vows we said in March before our friends and family does make this Christmas even more special. I have made yet another vow this year... to try not to project my past and wholeheartedly look towards the future with my husband and our families to make each day the happiest we can make them. To do this, I work on the things I can control - my own attitude and actions.

So this year, because I love my husband and I want to make happy memories - I am welcoming Christmas WHOLEHEARTEDLY and excitedly. This means that our first Family Christmas tree has gone up last night. All 4 feet of the glorious plasticness that makes this beautiful tree ours is standing proudly in our living room... and I want to share with you pics of our beautiful tree and what I know will be one of many happy Holiday seasons we will share together.

Hubby takin the tree out of the box
Tree put together in 2.2 seconds :)
Bug wondering what was going on
The tree
Hubby putting on our first ornament, Engagement Ornament
Engagement Ornament
Putting on our 2009 Ornament
2009 Ornament
Honeymoon Ornament
Our first Family Tree... three ornaments, a snowflake and tree skirt! :)

So before y'all tell me I ruined thanksgiving with my tree, take a moment to look at the beautiful new tradition our family has started :-) and then you can yell at me! ^.^


  1. I think it is fantastic! I usually wait until the day after Turkey Day to decorate... but my outside lights went up Sunday, and my ornament-less tree went up Monday night. I'm planning to hold off on the ornaments until Friday, but I'm also too excited - it's my first Christmas in my own home!

  2. Like your husband, I think Thanksgiving should be celebrated and then Christmas should take over as the major holiday, but now that I'm in my own place and celebrating with my fiance for the first time, I'm itching to get those decorations up. I think what you're doing is awesome, especially because ornaments if your own attitudes toward the holiday. I love your and it has inspired me to pick up one that is special for this year. Happy holidays!


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