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December 30, 2010

Family time at Christmas

I am finally back to the East Coast after being "stuck" in CA. I say "stuck" because I love bein' in CA, so it didn't feel awful to be "stuck" but the first flight back we were able to catch was to DC instead of the NJ area. So our pup and car are still with the grandparents but The Husband had to make it into work.

Since i'm still adjusting back, I figured I'd share a couple videos of entertainment with you until i can write a real post... so here we go.

A Christmas Dance off between my family... i edited clips together to make one video. I apologize in advance. I used the "explicit" version of the song instead of the normal one. so please note... there may be cursing.

And here my niece says "dude" for a piece of bacon. LOL


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