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December 17, 2010

A$$ Kicking Boots

So i recently got an amazing pair of awesome knee/thigh boots. I needed a pair of flats that could go with jeans and the husband gave me them for an "anniversary" present. The are super cute...

But... they squeak. REPHRASE: the Right boot squeaks. i bought them originally at Macy's. I had to exchange them, but ended up returning them b/c the other pair i tried on at Macy's ALSO had a right squeaky boot. BUT, I found them on DSW for 60 cheaper than Macy's... and almost 90 cheaper than the sticker price of $235. So I got them online, praying & hoping that these wouldn't be faulty.

The beautiful boot came in.
How could I resist? So i wore them around the condo... and no squeak. But wouldn't you know - the minute i went outside and walked my "normal" walk (apparently, I was overcompensating to make no squeak)... they squeaked. AND LOUD. like I walk in the streets of Downtown DC - loud and live and bustling - and you can hear my root boot squeak! WTF. I thought, well maybe i'll wear down the squeak... NOPE!

I figured DSW won't return them. I emailed DKNY about the issue. NO RESPONSE. I love these DKNY Audrey boots... but dangit if they don't squeak and squeak loud. It's embarassin' but I love love love ♥♥♥ these boots.

Anybody else have shoe issues? Squeaky shoe issues? HELP! Anybody else have DKNY Boots that do this? I need a remedy... DKNY, Can you hear me? Your Audrey boots talk louder than me!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It totally stinks to have to spend more money, but, do you think a cobbler would be able to fix the squeak? It may be worth calling one to find out. I've heard good things about the one at CT & L right by Farragut North.

    On principle, DSW should replace the shoes for free till you get one that doesn't squeak.

  2. That stinks! Those boots rock, so I hope you can get it resolved soon.


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