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December 15, 2010

Louisville Slugger...

So I got a great gift from a close cousin of mine... of course it makes me think of Carrie Underwood's song "Before he Cheats"... "took a louisville slugger to both headlights... carved my name into his leather seats..." But I digress.

He had told me he was getting the husband and I this gift because we are both BIG baseball fans. Well my husband is a bigger Baseball fan (amongst being a sports fanatic) but we both love America's favorite pasttime. Things get tense in our household come October, since our favorite teams both play in the AL and we often go head to head.

Here's a pic of the awesome gift. Please excuse the messy background!

And here's what my cousin had inscribed... he came up with what to have put on the slugger on his own but i think its so awesome and clever AND appropriate! :)

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