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December 02, 2010

Setting new goals early...

December is full of great things. With the holiday season, we get so busy with buying gifts and planning parties that I've set some goals for myself for self- improvement.

1. Going to try Couch to 5k... the girl who can't run - let's see if i can shake off the boredom and do this! Has anyone else tried this? any suggestions or advice?

2. Going to be baking some more this season... so if you have some killer recipes for cookies, please let me know. My first batch of sugar cookies with pink frosting (i was just testing the food color dye) came out decent but I want to get better. I want people to drool over my cookies... so send me any recipes you may have! :)

Have a great 2nd day of December :-) and of course I gotta leave you with a couple pics of the pups
See more of Juneau & Kota on their very own Facebook Page :-) (I know i torture them, but they are so cute!)


  1. Way to go for taking on the couch to 5K program. I went from couch potato to runner last year, and it is definitely possible, though it is a lot of hard work. But you can do it!

  2. Good luck with the running! I'm also not a fan...


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