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December 22, 2010

Wedding Channel's Top Engagement Ring Trends

As someone who loves jewelry, anything sparkly catches my eyes... and engagement rings are amongst my favorite to admire. recently shared the Top 5 Engagement ring Trends so i had to share them with you.

Here's a picture of my non-traditional engagement ring from our Engagement session!

Sapphires and Sexy Gemstones: Kate Middleton’s sapphire stunner from Prince William is right on trend when it comes to engagement rings. Believe it or not, diamonds aren’t daring enough for every woman, and colored stones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies are now being sought after by many brides-to-be. Ring Shopping Tip: When you’re shopping for a colored gemstone, you still need to be educated. Hint: The 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carats) still apply.

Designing Your Own Custom Ring: Instead of opting to buy a designer setting from a jeweler, many grooms—inspired by celebs like Stephen Moyer, who customized Anna Paquin’s engagement ring—are choosing to play the role of designer themselves! Ring Shopping Tip: Once ordered, a ring can take up to six weeks to arrive. If your custom-designed ring has a ton of detail, allot even more time for delivery.

Canary and Other Colored Diamonds: From Carrie Underwood’s yellow sparkler to Carmen Electra’s black diamond—and who could forget the six-carat pink diamond Jennifer Lopez received from Ben Affleck back in the day, Hollywood loves the colored diamond. Extravagant as these engagement rings may be, they aren't just for A-listers anymore. Ring Shopping Tip: Be forewarned: Pinks and yellows will cost more than the traditional blue-white. But the champagne and cognacs can be budget-friendly!

Geometric Shapes: Is your soon-to-be fiancée a woman of tradition? Geometric shapes like the oval and the pear are just another take on the old-fashioned diamond—and they’re in high demand. Even the stars are embracing this trend—Katie Holmes has an oval diamond, while Katherine Heigl’s is pear-shaped. Ring Shopping Tip: Don’t be embarrassed to actively ask your fiancée-to-be what style she likes. Sneaky ways to do research: Ask her what she thinks of her friends’ rings, and feel free to enlist a best friend—the one whose style she admires. You may need help to get it right!

Homage to the Past: Vintage rings have an elegant style, and though they’re rich in history, they’re definitely not a tired idea. Megan Fox, Miranda Lambert and Christina Applegate have vintage (or vintage-inspired) engagement rings. Ring Shopping Tip: One of the many charms of vintage or antique engagement rings is that they’re available in a wide range of price points—from as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as $50,000.

My engagement ring falls into trendy unintentionally... With a fancy light yellow color and a cushion cut shape, my husband found me something that was uniquely me. Although we got a designer ring (Parade Designs), we had it customized from horizontal to a vertical center setting which really does make my ring uniquely ME! While that was not our intent when we found my ring setting, it definitely came out well suited!
Has your engagement ring followed the newest trends, or are you more the classic and traditional (never out of style) type? What made you decide to go the route you went!? Check out more trends here!


  1. Your ring is BEAUTIFUL tell us more about it! I haven't seen anything like it!

  2. Those are some realle beautiful pieces of jewels! Let us know something more about them.

  3. You definitely have to have one of these rings. Thanks.

  4. I love the simplicity of the ring. It looks fabulous and lovely. The creator of this ring really paid too much attention to the cut and small details.

  5. That silver ring with the gold lining really looks nice, it will be sure to set the mood for weddings.

  6. When it comes to choose engagement rings, couples prefer to the classics. People are searching for something unique, distinctive and reflective wedding rings for this special day. Today vintage diamond engagement rings themes are popular in of bridal designs.
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  7. I love semi-precious gems, like sapphires and aquamarines cos I'm a bit against diamonds... my favourite type of cut would be the princess cut, but I am partial to the round and pear too :)


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