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December 16, 2010

White House Christmas Tree

Moms left yesterday. Not as sad or teary as we normally are even though we do see each other fairly often, but probably b/c the Husband and I are headed to CA to spend Christmas Day with my family. (Christmas Eve with his). Before she left, I had to of course take her to the White House Christmas Tree. Not just for her, but after living in the District for almost a full 4 years and in the DC area for over 5, I felt it was time I got up close and personal as well...  It's truly beautiful and romantic. I've realized (and my mother said it time and time again), that a REAL winter does make Christmas season feel like its here. Growing up in SoCal, the only thing that indicated Christmas was sales, shopping and radio music. The weather was pretty much still sunny in the day and a little chilly at night... but this year in the District, the cold wind chills, the long winter coats and beautiful scarves... all the various things that show "phew its chilly out" help you relate to songs when they say "the weather out there is frightful"... I LOVE WINTER. I LOVE SNOW (playing in it) and I am beginning to have a warmer feelings (ironic right?) towards Christmas and all because it FEELS like Christmas. Nothing beats my home town, but there is a lot to say for setting the mood... Here are a few photos... :)

The tree from a distance... it was mighty huge.

My mom with a little head band she knitted... I  gave her my warmest jacket and pants and she was still freezing. She kept saying "oh amy, you must be so called HAHA". Now that's ♥!
Big and Small Train tracks surrounded the tree with little villages of towns set up... So adorable. the Kids seemed to love it!
There was smaller trees surrounding the Big tree to represent each state and territory.
A close up of the tree... it was drenched in lights and ornaments!
A photo of mom and I... completely bundled up taken on my epic ♥
What makes you feel like the Christmas season is here?


  1. Have a great time in Cali! I'm heading there on Saturday myself.

  2. I went downtown DC for the festivities in years past. I haven't been out walking around the setup yet this year, but I love how they transform it.


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