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December 14, 2010

Why Marriage?

A co-worker asked me the other day "Why did you decide to get married? Was marriage or being married an important issue for you?" and it gave me pause... I mean serious pause. I stumbled over my words b/c it was something I've never thought about...

In all honesty, the questions when it came marriage in my mind were more along the lines of:

Is this man the one you want to devote your life to?
What will change once you're married?
How will married life be?
What vows/commitments that come with marriage are important to you?
What qualities in a marriage is important?
What can i bring to help the happiness of our marriage?

But she asked a very deep question. And I had no answer. I mean, I answered... "We both knew it was the direction we were headed, and without a doubt it was what we both wanted." But why? I asked myself "is that really a good answer?"

Then I realized, a question like that has no "good" answer, it just has your answer - which changes for each person/couple.

So now i'm pondering, why was getting married and marriage a given to us both? We never ever questioned it. We both knew... we want to be married. It wasn't about the piece of paper, the legality of the situation, or for society's sake but for our own... but Why?

Some couples, like Johnny Depp, decide that its not a necessity. I have no problems with that. I truly believe that each couple should do what is right for them and have no judgment.

I've always wanted to be a wife. to be legally, morally, physically, spiritually and emotionally bound to another to whom I would commit my life to and vow my undying love to. I have no rose-colored glasses on. I know it will take extreme efforts. bounds of love and leaps of faith. And perhaps because my husband and I both knew it was where we wanted to end up together that there was never an issue about marriage. but I don't think saying "it just was what we knew. it was not a question. it just felt right" is always enough of an answer for some people....

So what about you? Why marriage? or for those who've decided against it... Why no marriage? What was your reasons, if any (and that you can put into words) for or against?

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  1. This is such an important question, and I agree that everyone should do what's right for them. For some people, that means not getting married. But as for me, I love the comfort and security of knowing that we are together for life.


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