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January 11, 2011

2011... A New Look, a New Style

2011 brings great things and with that I was motivated to change the look and feel of the blog, but also a new attitude as well. Although, I've still not finished all my wedding recaps, or vendor reviews (whom I absolutely love)... I am going to be venturing full speed ahead focusing back on what is important to me.

The past two years my focus has been spread thin and for that I apologize. My content has suffered but beyond that, the emotion I have put forth has been wavering at best. But i'm back... And while focusing on what I want from my blog and what direction I want to go with it, I realized, I am thinking way too much about it.

My Blog, The Relentless Bride was about wedding planning and life living... and while I'm still in love with weddings and wedding planning, a lot of my experiences with wedding planning can be applied to life living... i.e., living my life to the fullest, relentlessly! Thus, I will continue to cover weddings, I will continue to cover anything about life's celebrations and I will continue to discuss my experiences. So really, nothing much is changing other than the look and my point of view - from bride to wife.

So here we are... starting anew for 2011. Refocusing my vision, finding my inner voice and doing my best at being transparent and honest with y'all...

So as noted, the links above will help you lead to any part of my life you are interested in reading about...
And of course includes my
And in the spirit of 2011, I need to get my link-library updated, so make sure you are on that page and if not, leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Let me know what you think of the new look... is the dark too dark? The lettering too white?

1-11-11 is a good day! :)


  1. Love the new look, girl! Here's to a great 2011! :)

  2. I love the new look. Very swank and it mirrors your wedding colors. Happy 2011...can't wait to catch up in person!

  3. I haven't been here in a long while. You must have just fallen off my radar after wedding planning! Anyway, nice to be here again and see you're still blogging (me too!)


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