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January 25, 2011

Goin' Under

So i'm headed in for my out-patient procedure. Getting both Freddie the Fibroid (hysteroscopy resection) and Bert the Cyst (laparoscopy surgery) out of my body. Lucky and happy that got me in last minute and so quickly. I should be home later this evening.

My big concern, no water or food until surgery since last night midnight. I drank so much water last night I was peeing every hour. Then i had a dream i was eating and drinking water and i screamed "Ahhh, i'm not supposed to be eating right now!" Oh dear...

Wish me luck that I survive this no-eating order by the Dr. I'm already ready to gnaw on my own arm LOL. (yes, i'm a drama queen).

And thank y'all for the support and well wishes. Additional thoughts and prayers appreciated!


  1. Good luck! Hope the surgeries go well!

  2. Good luck today! I hope everything goes well for you! :)

  3. I'm keeping you in my thoughts, Amy! Just think, the next time we talk, and even when you read this, it will all be behind you. :) Hugs, my friend!


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