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January 13, 2011

Health: Fibroid & Cyst {Part Deux}

So I went to my surgery consultation today (for fibroid and cyst we found in my body last week) and all went well. The past few days since I've been openly discussing my health concerns, my mother has been really worried... but from what I understand (and have read all over the world wide web) is that fibroids and cysts are both normal for many woman and in fact, the removal of is also a standard type procedure.

So here is the outcome of today's consultation... I explained what was going on. He showed me a photo of how the Fibroid is removed, basically a device is inserted into the body and the fibroid is "scraped" off the uterus lining. Because the Husband and I still want the options of baby on the table, the Dr. will then put some estrogen and antibiotics to ensure the uterus lining does not infect or scar too badly that conception is impossible.

The cyst, being the bigger growth also needs to be removed. The Dr. said that when the fibroid is removed, we can laproscopically go in and check it out... I interrupted him and said "I Just want it out... it may have teeth" at which point, he kinda seemed to chuckle...

Luckily, the Dr. sensed my urgency in wanting this growth removed - i mean, even if it had teeth or a couple of tooths, its not gonna bite me, but i'm still grossed out by it LOL. So today they drew blood - pre-op blood work and cancer testing blood work, on the very very slim chance it is a cancerous tumor. I go in next week for my pre-op appointment for the rest of the info and hopefully soon, I will undergo outpatient surgery to remove the 1" sub-mucosal fibroid and laproscopically have the 7.8 cm cyst taken out.

Because it will be done laproscopically (if all goes as planned), the Dr. believes that i'll be out of work for a week at most and back to doing my "normal routine" about 2-3 weeks out  :)

My mom is concerned of course and wants to know if she should come out. if the surgery is a work day that means the Husband will have work. Since i'll potentially be out of work, I'm wondering if maybe he should just focus on work and let my mom come help...

What do you all think? I'm pretty resilient so i'm hoping for a quick recovery. I mean i'm still trying to get past week 4 on Couch to 5k, so i'd like to stay on track... am i being too optimistic?

I'd love some input with anybody who has first hand or bystander experience to these types of out patient surgeries :)

Oh and if I wasn't already pleased with the great service and concise explanation by my Dr., he also said he'd take pictures of my cyst and i could get a copy - so I'll let y'all see if you are interested. (don't worry, i'll just post a link to the photo and not post the photo itself)... what a cool Dr. So far my experience with the new Dr's have been awesome!


  1. I'm so glad it all went well and that it will soon be taken care of for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!

  2. My 2 cents - Don't overexert and don't change your health routine drastically... That's all! Listen to your body, which you have been doing quite well to detect something like this! SO glad you changed docs!!

  3. I would suggest postponing your Couch to 5k for now ... return to that idea in late February. I think that overexherting yourself may impair healing, so take it easy for now. If you feel better quickly, resume it sooner. If you don't recover as quickly as you'd hoped, you won't have to feel guilty (although, of course, you wouldn't have to feel guilty) for not resuming so quickly.

    Also, if hubby is working and your mom is okay to come up, let her come. You'll be glad you did it.

    And, yes cysts and fibroids are common ... but that doesn't mean your mommmy doesn't worry!

  4. Let your momma come - you'll be happy to have her in the end, and your husband won't have to deal with the added stress.
    I say, if you're comfortable, keep going with C25K until your surgery. Yeah, you may not be able to start where you left off, but you'll still have more endurance built up than stopping immediately!

  5. If your mom can come easily I would say let her. Hubby has to work and it will be nice to have someone around who is lovingly taking care of you ;~) Well and you know me, I say use up all the time with your momma that you can! Don't push yourself too much either... take it easy!!

  6. do you remember when i had my ovarian cyst removed while i was at berkeley? i had the same thing! good for you for listening to your beeps! that's how i found mine. i had to visit 3 different docs until i found one that would "humor" me. the doc was confused as to why i thought something was wrong with me (probably was ready to write me off as a hypochondriac until he found it) - all i could say was, there just IS & he had to trust me on this.

    when the doc told me about dermoid cysts, i gasped & blurted out "WOW! I have vagina dentata!" - we both thought it was hilarious. well, maybe he thought i was crazy deranged hilarious & i thought it hilarious that OF COURSE my vagina would have teeth - it explained so much!

    i don't know what your recovery will be like, b/c despite my blood tests coming back negative for cancer, the doc was convinced for whatever reason that it was cancerous. due to his insistence & conviction about the likelihood of it being cancerous, although i wanted the laproscopic procedure, he opened me up so he could be sure to remove it all in one piece & send it to be analyzed (pathology report or something, i think). b/c of that, i was laid up for a month & it was a very painful recovery. but damn, the drugs were good!

    good luck with your surgery, babygirl.


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